Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions (“Terms”) are determine for frequent guests lodging in hotels and temporary lodges of Don Hotels, La Cantera Hotels, MyHotel and Cyan Hotels chains (hereinafter called “AADESA HOTELS REWARDS” or “Program”), managed by AADESA S.A., domiciled in 1041 Libertad street, 6th floor, apartment B of the city of Buenos Aires.

As becoming a member of this program, you have accepted reading, understanding and agreeing with (a) Terms, (b) http://aadesahotelsrewards.com website use terms and (c) Website privacy Policy.

These Terms can be totally or partially replaced or modified at any other time by AADESA S.A. with no need of your written approval. This is because you may at any time quit this membership and therefore your continuity in this program is understood as your approval of such changes or amendments. It is your responsibility as an AADESA HOTELS REWARDS member to keep updated on these Terms and any change it may suffer; thus we suggest your periodical reading. AADESA S.A. may end AADESA HOTELS REWARDS PROGRAM with no previous announcement to the members of the program and with no right to claim any compensation for missed benefits.



1.1. This Program is a rewarding program for frequent guests of Don Hotels, La Cantera Hotels, Cyan Hotels and MyHotel chains, who have been signed in according to what it is established in point 2 (hereinafter, “Benefits”).

1.2. The following hotel chains are exclusive participants of this program: Don Hotels, La Cantera Hotels, Cyan Hotels, MyHotel Hotels (hereinafter, “Participating Hotels”):

(a) Don Hotels: El Faro Boutique Hotel & Spa by DON, Los Cerros Boutique Hotel & Spa by DON, Mocona Virgin Lodge by DON, La Cantera Lodge de Selva by DON, Hotel Palermitano by DON, La Aguada Casa de Polo by DON, Hub Porteño by DON.


(b) Cyan Hotels: Cyan Recoleta Hotel, Cyan Recoleta Suites, Cyan Hotel de las Americas, Cyan Americas Towers Hotel, CH Madero Urbano Suites, Cyan Soho Neuquen Hotel y Cyan Calafate Hotel.

 Benefits may only be used in Participating Hotels.

Both incorporating other hotels to the Program and eliminating hotels from Participating Hotels list will be communicated according to what is established in these Terms and you will only be able to enjoy benefits (i) in those lodges included in Participating Hotels list when using your Reward (ii) as from your enrollment as a member of the Program. Therefore, you will not be able to claim any benefit hired beforehand, or enjoy Benefits in hotels eliminated from the Participating Hotels list after this elimination, even if the booking in the hotel which was a Participating one was done before it was eliminated.


2.1. To enroll as a member of the Program you must:

(a) Be a natural person, living in a country legally allowing you to participate in the Program. Legal entities cannot be enrolled in the Program.

(b) Be over 18 years old.

(c) Be legally eligible to accept the Terms.

(d) Totally fill in Program enrollment form in the website.

(e) Provide all required data in enrollment form and have a valid email to receive alerts or advices the Program needs to send you. Provided data inaccuracy or falseness, or the lack of any of information will refuse your enrollment request. Any notice sent to a Program member will be considered as received two working days after it was sent to your provided email. It is an AADESA HOTELS REWARDS Member duty to keep your personal data updated and regularly check your email.

(f) Not be a former Program member being dismissed by any cause settled in these Terms.

2.2. Program member enrollment is FREE. NO PURCHASE OBLIGATION.

2.3. Program member status or position will be maintained until the member is dismissed of the Program due to any of the causes stated in these Terms. No Member will be dismissed of this Program for not lodging in our hotels in any time. Program enrollment and member status does not require purchasing nights in Participating Hotels.

2.4. Benefits are non-transferable, both between living people or because of death, unless these Terms expressively state the opposite.

2.5. Program member enrollment will be effective automatically. Program member identification will be the registered email.

2.6. In case after you enroll AADESA S.A. verifies any missing requirement regarding the Program Member information, this Member will be dismissed and informed of such event as well as the reasons of the refusal.

2.7. Any change in the Program’s member information, when enrolling in the Program, should be duly modified in the Program Member account profile. AADESA S.A. will not be responsible for any data change that is not duly informed.

2.8. AADESA S.A keeps the right to immediately dismiss a member of the Program with no previous notice and this will automatically make him/her lose all earned benefits and status an any category. AADESA may use this right in the case the Program member: (i) shows improper behavior, or practices any illegal inadequate or discriminatory action in any Participating Hotel or any other hotel operated and/or managed by AADESA S.A.; (ii) did something against the law or good costumes or other applicable regulations, (iii) avoided paying any invoice, for any concept, to AADESA S.A. in any Participating Hotel or other hotel operated and/or managed by AADESA S.A., (iv) defaulted on website use terms and/or website privacy policy, and/or the Terms; or (v) used or earned Program Benefits improperly.

2.9. In addition, any Program member may request membership cancellation sending an email to rewards@aadesa.com.ar, under the subject PROGRAM CANCELLATION. Once this email is received, all Benefits will automatically be cancelled.



3.1. The following benefits are included in the list of Program Benefits (hereinafter, “Benefits”):

a) Exclusive sales and offers. Program members will receive sales in the emails they informed in their enrollment. The only one that can use in fact these sales, is the Program Member. Sales and discounts will not be accruable nor combinable. Sales may include special discounts or other type of benefit. In no case these benefits will include raffles or fate-oriented sales.

b) Points program. Program members may, in certain circumstances, earn points to be redeemed for rewards herein described. Points program is subject to the following special conditions, besides the resting Program conditions:

1. Only those nights at qualifying rate and booked through AADESA S.A. booking central or webpage (hereinafter, “Qualifying Stays”) will earn points. Those reservations coming from other sources will not sum up points.

2. Program members will have to have previously chosen in their Program profile to earn points.

3. Program members will have to provide their member number to get the points.

4. If a Hotel is no longer a Participating Hotel after a Program member has booked his room, his/her stay will not qualify to earn points.

5. For each and every 1 (one) US dollar invoiced in a Participating Hotel and paid by the Program member (excluding taxes, charges, fees, contributions or commissions for this purpose) he/she will earn 10 points.

6. Points can be redeemed for rewards (hereinafter, “Rewards”) and these points have a 2-year (two) duration. Once this period is finished, points will automatically disappear. We understand for Rewards those benefits for which members can redeem their points and are available in the “Exchange” tab in the Program’s website.

7. Points will be deducted from Program member’s account when he/she requests an exchange.

8. All exchanges are definite and Rewards cannot be returned for credit excepting those cases stating the opposite in these Terms.

9. Exchanges are subject to availability and certain conditions and limitations established in the Program and are available in the “Exchange” tab in the Program’s website. Only Program members can redeem points in their accounts. Rewards are non-transferable, non-exchangeable for money. Rewards cannot be replaced or reissued, and no points will be credited in a member’s account of a reward is missed, stolen or destroyed in any way.

10. Rewards may change from time to time. To get an updated rewards list, see “Exchange” tab in the website.

3.2. Program members will not be able to enjoy Benefits regarding free courtesy nights awarded for any other reason.

3.3. Members may demand Benefits if, when booking, Program members have been identified as such. Benefits cannot be demanded afterwards, if when booking the member is not enrolled in the Program. In addition, Program members will have to show their membership when checking in, showing current personal ID. In case the member does not identify him/herself as a Program member in either occasion (booking or hotel reception) and/or does not request the Benefit involved, he will lose the right to it. Benefits, including special sales, will be enjoyable for only 1 (one) Program member per room, whose identity will be informed in the two previously mentioned occasions.

3.4. it will be considered as Qualifying Stay still in the case of no show, always in the case all requirements established in point 3.1 (b) (1) are met and the Participating Hotel cashed in such lodging night.

3.5. Sales launching and special offers will be for limited time, according to what is said in each sales announcement and these may be for some or all Participating Hotels.

3.6. Benefits will not be exchangeable for any other good or benefit, nor additional discounts, credit notes or cash. If there is no availability for a Benefit subject to it, such as late check-out, this benefit will not be replaced for any other benefit.


4.1. Website Privacy Policy terms are applicable to the Program and Program members’ personal data. With no prejudice to it, it is important to highlight that AADESA S.A. observes Program member’s right to protect their personal data, which are protected under Personal Data Protection Law N° 25.326 and other related rules. Database is AADESA S.A. responsibility and it is duly registered in accordance with applicable law. Any member who would want to eliminate or know his/her data appearing in it, update or correct mistakes, will have to request it by mail to AADESA S.A.’s address indicated in the beginning of this Terms, or by email to rewards@aadesa.com.ar. In such case, the member will be dismissed from the Program.

4.2. Program members’ data will be used to develop the Program according to what is stated in these Terms, and will be erased from the database once the Program member is dismissed from the Program, or the Program is finished. In Article 27, section 3 of the Law 25.326 it is established that “members can request at any time to be withdrawn or vanned his name from all databases referred at this article”. Personal data owner has the ability to use his/her right to have free access to his/her personal data at periods no less than six months, except in the case there is a legitimate interest proven according to article 14, section 3 of the Law N° 25.326. The NATIONAL DIRECTION OF PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION, Ruling Entity for the Law Nº 25.326, has the power to receive claims and complaints regarding personal data protection regulations breaching.

4.3. Any database change will be seen within 96 hours of the reception of this request.

4.4. AADESA S.A may send sales and special offers to Program members periodically, including third-parties’ goods. Program members who do not want to receive such announcements, will be able to request it to rewards@aadesa.com.ar

4.5. Program members’ data will not be revealed to third-parties, excepting Participating Hotels’ managers or owners only if it is necessary for the Program’ functioning.



5.1. AADESA S.A has the right to totally or partially cancel the Program with no previous notice and to change Benefits, informing such circumstances to Program members.

5.2. If Program changes, all benefits will automatically expire with no responsibility nor accountability in the part of AADESA S.A. or Participating Hotels, and this may not provide Program members the right to claim any compensation at all.



6.1. Any controversy resulting from the use or related to the Program will be ruled, interpreted and executed according to Argentina’s laws and regulations.

6.2. Any issue referring to these Terms and the Program will be solved in competent national courts, located in the city of Buenos Aires, avoiding any other place of jurisdiction that may correspond. 

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